Project Showcase

To celebrate the amazing contributions to Take It & Run, we held a project showcase at the Department of Coffee and Social Affairs in Clerkenwell. Well over 100 people enjoyed the paintings, music, video, instalations and the rest. I think Spoonfed made a good call to make the event editor’s choice.


There are more photos courtesy of Miles Langley *here* and Simon Hildrew caught part of it with his camera:

The venue was great: as well as providing the perfect backdrop and some truly great coffee (they are New Zealanders after all) they were also huge advocates of the event and the project right from our first conversation.


3 thoughts on “Project Showcase

  1. Hi,

    Would love to see the finished project if possible?

    Sounds very very cool! And would love to do something similar in Hawaii.

    • Hi Nicole – so glad you found the site – the full finished project will be online after the event. And I’m sure hawaii would love it if you did a project! i’d love to know if you get up to something similar.

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